Lution XM Lock Lubricant

Lution XM Lock Lubricant

Lution XM Lock Lubricant


To maintain the smooth operation a well installed Ultion lock just needs lubricating every 6 months.

Do not use oils or WD40.

Maintains smooth key turning and prolongs your locks life.Brisant Ultion Lution Graphite Lubricant £7.99

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Ultion lock cleaning

Lution XM Lock Lubricant

The Brisant Ultion Lution XM dry graphite powder is ideal for use in locks which should not be serviced with wet lubricant. Lution XM helps to ensure the internal mechanism of cyclinders, such as lock pins and springs, continue working smoothly.

Lution XM is grease free, odourless and weather resistant. Lution XM cannot be frozen in cold weather which makes it ideal for car locks, external padlocks and any outside locks prone to extreme cold conditions. A great aid to Ultion lock cleaning

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Lution XM lock lubricant

  • Oil free so cannot be washed off or freeze
  • A dry graphite powder lubricant designed not to attract dust
  • Apply sparingly onto the key, and insert, working backwards and forwards
  • Dries into a film to stop the build up of dirt and dust
  • Use every six months, the bottle contents are enough for the life of the lock
  • Maintains your Ultion lock guarantee
  • 50 grams of Lution XM graphite lubricant

Lution XM

There are alternative graphite powders to the Brisant Ultion Lution XM but using any other solution will invalidate your Ultion guarantee.

You can purchase Lution XM Ultion lock lubricant directly from our shop at the reduced price due to our high order volumes and supplier discounts.

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Lution XM Notes

Lution XM graphite powder is the only non-metallic material that can conduct electricity so please be careful not to produce a cloud near electrical circuits.

The characteristics of Lution XM black powder make it hard to clean up so be careful near hard to clean surfaces like carpets and delicate fabrics.

We have a video to show you how to lubricate Ultion lock

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