Anti Snap lock Chesterfield

TS007 3 Star & Sold Secure Diamond

The £5,000 Anti-Snap guarantee

Firstly, this anti snap lock is a guarantee that when you close your door and lock it, no person can break in to gain entry. This method of forced entry is known as Lock Snapping.

It is important to know that this anti snap lock is designed to break at the cut point when enough force is applied.

This disables the lock from whatever side has been attacked. You can still use the lock as normal from the inside which still allows use of that particular door in the short term until the lock is replaced.

Not surprisingly, no one has ever claimed the £5,000 guarantee and Burglars continue to be unsuccessful in attempts to snap Anti-snap locks and gain entry into peoples homes and businesses.

Anti snap lock Chesterfield

For example:

  • You go to bed at night and lock all of the doors (each door of course has an Anti-snap lock installed).
  • The following morning you wake up and go downstairs.
  • Unbeknown to you, a Burglar has attempted to snap the lock on the rear door in an attempt to gain entry.
  • At this stage, from the inside you will not notice any difference to the working of the Anti-snap lock attacked as it unlocks & locks with no problem.
  • It is only when you step outside and see the damage to the lock area that you will become aware.
  • The outside of the lock attacked in this scenario will be disabled for use.

An Anti-snap lock installed by SheffLOCK is proven time and time again to prevent Burglary.

Anti snap lock Chesterfield

Anti-snap locks

Anti-snap locks come with a manufacturer’s £5,000 guarantee that it cannot be snapped and entry gained as a consequence. The Ultion door lock is fast becoming the number one choice for all uPVC and composite door companies and is the staple for many householders who are conscious about home security.

Ultion TS007-3Star £POA

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Feel safe and secure now - by , November 1, 2020
Feel safe after a spate of burglaries nearby where they broke the lock.

SheffLOCK are one of only a few official Ultion key centres in South Yorkshire and we strongly advise all households to have these burglary prevention locks supplied and fitted.

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Anti-snap locks Chesterfield