uPVC Doors Repair Chesterfield

uPVC Doors Repair Chesterfield

uPVC Doors Repair

SheffLOCK is an expert in uPVC Doors Repair in Chesterfield and deals with UPVC door problems daily, providing clients with quick and cost-effective solutions.

We fit new parts as routine, but parts may be a problem if you have an older uPVC door. We remove working mechanisms from uPVC doors when we fit new composite doors to keep your old door working like new, saving you hundreds of pounds.

Below you will find answers to common questions and issues that arise regarding UPVC doors. If you don't see the answers you are looking for, please call our team of Chesterfield locksmiths.

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uPVC Doors Repair Chesterfield

UPVC Door Multi-point Locking Mechanisms

Multi-point locking systems have several individual locking points that simultaneously move when turning the key or handle.

The main parts of a multi-point locking system are the hook, deadbolt, roller cam and centre latch.

Importantly, suppose all of these parts are in good working order. In that case, they enable the door to open and lock smoothly and provide outstanding security against any attempts to force the door open when locked.

uPVC Doors Repair Chesterfield
Locks perform different actions;
  • Lever lever is when the door handle is lifted to engage the locks, then turn the key once to lock.
  • Lever Pad is the same as lever lever to gain access from outside even when the door is unlocked.
  • Wind up is when you turn the door key several times to engage all the locks. The handle is not used to lock the door.
  • Automatic Locking is when the locking points automatically engage when the door is closed, therefore offering instant security on your front door.
uPVC Doors Repair Chesterfield

uPVC Door Repair Chesterfield

Over time, multi-point mechanisms, levers, springs, and ball bearings will, of course, wear and eventually malfunction or break, especially to a locking mechanism of a main entrance or exit door.

Typically, SheffLOCK had found that many people in the past have had entire multi-point locking mechanisms replaced unnecessarily. Replacing certain sections of the multi-point lock would work.

SheffLOCK's approach is to ensure we provide you with the most cost-effective solution to the problem.

Suppose any part of your multi-point locking mechanism is starting to malfunction. In that case, our advice is not to attempt to repair the problem yourself. Instead, contact the SheffLOCK team and have the problem fixed as soon as possible.

uPVC Doors Repair Chesterfield
Broken Door Locking Mechanism

It is a fact that we use doors more often than windows for access to and from properties.

Faulty door locking mechanisms are rare if the door is aligned correctly. Usually, door mechanisms can become damaged by leaving the problem too long after the door becomes misaligned over time.

SheffLOCK can quickly repair or replace all known UPVC door locking mechanisms without any damage to your current doors or frames.

Most locks can be adjusted and be free to work again, which is a great cost-effective solution for our customers.

Contact your Chesterfield locksmith now to discuss your problem.

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uPVC Doors Repair Chesterfield
Doors not shutting properly

Suppose you have difficulty opening and closing your door. In that case, it is essential to remedy this problem as quickly as possible via a locksmith who specialises in this area.

The problem will continue to worsen over time, potentially resulting in the locking mechanisms in your UPVC door completely failing and locking the door shut. As a result, leaving your door can become a costly and inconvenient situation.

Over time UPVC doors start to sag in the frame, which is a normal and common occurrence.

This issue causes the door to become misaligned, and when lifting the handle of your door, you may feel it becomes tighter when you turn the key to lock the door.

When the door becomes misaligned, it causes the locking parts to be out of alignment, so the pins and locks do not locate in the lock housings properly.

Chesterfield locksmiths SheffLOCK can look at how your door operates and see if your UPVC door requires realigning.

uPVC Doors Repair Chesterfield
Smooth Locking Door Test

If your door is not locking smoothly, we advise a quick test by yourself and only takes a few seconds:

At the said door that is not locking smoothly, open the door. Whilst open, lift the door handle up (this should engage the multi-point locking mechanism at the side of the door).

Turn the key in the euro lock as if the door was closed to lock the door. If this process is smooth, then the issue is most definitely a realignment issue.

It is essential to correct this alignment problem that you employ the services of a locksmith from SheffLOCK, who will know exactly how to realign the door.

Attempting to resolve the problem yourself without the required knowledge and experience can quickly make the situation a lot worse.

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uPVC Door Repairs

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uPVC Doors Repair Chesterfield
UPVC Door Parts

SheffLOCK will fit any supplied parts correctly to ensure your door is working like new.

Our lock and mechanism parts include all the top branded manufacturers, emphasising improved security and safety - our central company ethos!

uPVC Doors Repair Chesterfield

No matter the age of your UPVC door, we will be able to repair it or help you select a suitable, cost-effective replacement. In many cases, there is no need for a new door!

Several double glazing manufacturers have gone out of business, leaving customers with no warranty on their UPVC doors.

We can fix the majority of problems associated with doors from Safestyle doors or Yorkshire windows.

Speak to Chris, Richard and Kevin at SheffLOCK.

Approved locks

Visit our page on police and insurance approved locks.

uPVC Doors Repair Chesterfield
Dropped Doors

It is possible for dropped doors to be repaired or realigned, whether wood, uPVC, or composite. Call us for fast, cost-effective service, saving time and effort if you have a problematic drop door to shut, lock or open. Suppose you need to lift the door using the handle to enable the door to open. In that case, our door realignment and adjusting service are a phone call away to adjust and realign your door with our fixed price quotation over the phone.

We can fix dropped doors in 30 minutes if no other problems exist. For example, we can repair dropped door handles at the same time we fix your dropped door.

Patio doors that have dropped can be repaired or realigned. Suppose you need to lift the patio door using the handle to enable the door to open. In that case, our patio door realignment and adjusting service are a phone call away to adjust and realign your door with our fixed price quotation over the phone.

We can do the same for dropped bifold doors, dropped french doors, a dropped double glazed door or a sliding door that has dropped.

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uPVC Doors Repair Chesterfield
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17 July 2019